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Definition of Bullying

  • It is a repetitive attack, which causes distress not only at the time of the attack but also by the threat of future attacks.
  • It is characterised by an imbalance of power.
  • Its nature may be:
    • Verbal
    • Physical
    • Social
    • Psychological
    • Electronic e.g. “cyber bullying”
    • Sexual
  • "Bullying is a behaviour which can be defined as the repeated attack, physical, psychological, social or verbal in nature, by those in a position of power which is formally or situationally defined, with the intention of causing distress for their own gain or gratification". ( Besag 1998)

    The aim of any anti bullying strategy is to create an environment where bullying is not tolerated. At Eastdale a twofold approach is used,first with preventative programs establishing a climate that stops bullying behaviour and then reactive programs to deal with any incidences that may arise.

    A number of strategies to combat bullying have been implemented at Eastdale. Their aim is to involve the whole school community to create an anti bullying culture across the school and in the community, at large.