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Anime Club

Anime Club is an amazing club that everyone should enjoy. It involves lots of fun and learning new things, just not things you learn in school. You learn about the style and ways of Japanese cartoons. You get to watch anime, talk about it, have quizzes on it and most of all have fun doing it. You even get to make new friends. We are a friendly group so plz join us and you will have fun too.

            And one more thing, members are allowed, to suggest different anime options and the best part is your won’t get judged for it, whether it’s Yu Gi Oh, or Digimon, or even Tokyo Mew Mew (Mew Mew Power) It Doesn’t matter which you choose everyone will get a chance to pick someone they want to watch and there will be one show that we try to finish that will be determined in the beginning. So come on out.

            Anime Club will usually start on either the second or third week of the starting of school.